First State Motorsports was conceived in April of 2004.  The brainchild behind the initial concept is owner/operator Dan Hartnett along with  some private partners. The mission is to deliver the highest quality parts and service available in our industry. We have always been enthusiasts, and are known to eat/sleep/breath performance. We typically require our customers to be the same way.

We are now celebrating our ninth year in business, although it is no easy road. Over the years there have been plenty of ups and downs, but we have been lucky enough to prosper and build some of the fastest street cars in the tri-state area. We will continutireintroe to work harder than ever to take trhe business to the next level.

Here at FSMoto, you wont find any gaudy body kits, euro lights, or any other kind of hideous cosmetic bolt ons. We strictly focus on performance, and there is no substitute for high quality in our facility. We want our customers to WIN, and we hate to come in second place. Competition is the fuel for what we do, and is the driving force behind the business. Our customers come here because we are the real thing. We will stop at nothing to make sure each and every job is perfect. Many a night we lie awake thinking about how to raise the bar, for ourselves, our customers, and for the sport in general.

We are perfectionists, plain and simple. We treat every car in the shop as if it were our own, and go to great lengths to make sure our installs are seamless in every way. We utilize wire-tucks, fresh stainlesss hardware, powdercoat, custom fabrication and ingenuity to delvier award winning engine bays and extreme engine performance. If you want magazine/show quality aesthitics and race winning performance out of your vehicle, reach out to us on the contact page. Things here aren't just bolted on, typically most builds require us to re-engineer things to our standards.